Reading to babies (0-12 months)|| Leer a bebés (0-12 meses)

Praise the behavior you want to see more of. In our household we have used labelled praises to encourage reading from the day our baby was born. The benefits of reading to babies are well known and they include: Increasing concentration, listening, memory and language skills Introducing new concepts Fostering an interest in books Improving […]

Reading to toddlers || Leer a los niños pequeños

Reading to our son and using labelled praise to encourage his interest in books from the day he was born has meant that as a toddler he loves books. One of his favourite activities is going to the library and picking out books he wants to borrow. Reading during the toddler years has many benefits: […]

The importance of play || La importancia del juego

Praise the behavior you want to see more of. One behavior that is often undervalued and under reinforced (i.e., praised) is play behavior. Play is a behavior that all children engage in and so it can be taken for granted. However, research has found that play is important for cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development […]

Emotion regulation || Regulación emocional

Emotional regulation is the ability to regulate your emotions in order to achieve a goal (e.g., feeling afraid of public speaking, but doing it anyway because you have to in order to pass an exam). Emotions can be regulated intrinsically (by yourself) or extrinsically (by someone else). During infancy, babies rely primarily on extrinsic emotional […]


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