Coercive Parent-Child Interaction Cycle || Ciclo de interacción coercitiva entre padres e hijos

What is a coercive parent-child interaction cycle? Externalizing behaviors, such as tantrums, are common in young children. However, if these behaviors persist long term they can have negative immediate and long-term impacts on the child and their family (e.g., externalizing behaviour has been linked to poor social and academic performance, increased parental stress) [1-4]. In…More

Children are amazing and hilarious||Los niños son increíbles y divertidos

This post is about the amazing things about babies and toddlers. Just as a reminder that children are amazing and hilarious.  Babies The first time they do anything: Smile Laugh Crawl Walk Hug you back Kiss you Wiggle to music (dance) Say their first words The look of excitement on their face every time you…More

Reading to babies (0-12 months)|| Leer a bebés (0-12 meses)

Praise the behavior you want to see more of. In our household we have used labelled praises to encourage reading from the day our baby was born. The benefits of reading to babies are well known and they include: Increasing concentration, listening, memory and language skills Introducing new concepts Fostering an interest in books Improving…More

Reading to toddlers || Leer a los niños pequeños

Reading to our son and using labelled praise to encourage his interest in books from the day he was born has meant that as a toddler he loves books. One of his favourite activities is going to the library and picking out books he wants to borrow. Reading during the toddler years has many benefits:…More


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