Emotion regulation || Regulación emocional

Emotional regulation is the ability to regulate your emotions in order to achieve a goal (e.g., feeling afraid of public speaking, but doing it anyway because you have to in order to pass an exam). Emotions can be regulated intrinsically (by yourself) or extrinsically (by someone else). During infancy, babies rely primarily on extrinsic emotional… Continue reading Emotion regulation || Regulación emocional

Anxiety disorders || Desórdenes de ansiedad

What is anxiety? Anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences and like other emotions it serves a purpose. The purpose of anxiety is to alert us to danger. When we encounter something that we perceive as dangers (e.g., a dog, an oncoming car, presenting in front of a large group of people) we experience the… Continue reading Anxiety disorders || Desórdenes de ansiedad