Ways to praise: Toddlers || Formas de elogiar: niños pequeños

Toddlerhood is a time of rapid growth and skill acquisition. During the toddler years children learn to walk, talk, and engage with other people. When praising your toddler, it is important to think about the overall behavior you want to encourage. For example, if your child is putting clothes in the laundry basket a praise… Continue reading Ways to praise: Toddlers || Formas de elogiar: niños pequeños

Labelled praise || Elogios etiquetados

Labelled praise Children crave attention, especially from their parents. They therefore tend to engage in behaviors that they find result in the most attention from their parents, sometimes these behaviors can be inappropriate/undesirable behaviors (e.g., banging objects until mum/dad pays attention to them, pulling leaves of beloved plants). Inappropriate/undesired behaviors are not easy to ignore… Continue reading Labelled praise || Elogios etiquetados